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159200201 - Squeeze Electrolyte Freezer Pops, 3 oz (150 per case)

Isotonic electrolyte replacement freezer pop for replenishing essential electrolytes lost during physical work or overheating . Frozen pops cool the body's core temperature, helping to relieve symptoms of heat stress . Contains more potassium and less sodium than many electrolyte replacement drinks . Each serving is individually wrapped in a plastic sleeve and is 3 oz. Assortment of Flavors includes Lemon lime, cherry, mixed berry, orange, and grape.
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All Sport Hydration Freezer Pops, Sports Drink Variety (144 per case)

All Sport Freezer Pops were scientifically formulated to cool the body's core of today's athletes, workforce, gym goers, or anyone looking for a great-tasting, electrolyte product!
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